CBC Officepark - Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


New Offices, Groenkloof Pretoria


Situated within a green belt of Pretoria and surrounded by the CBC Groenkloof sports fields, this office development reclaims a portion of neglected urban fabric.


Simplicity of building form allows maximum use of what is in a reality a tiny site - a sliver of land. The biggest site challens is to accommodate sufficient parking whilst bridging the  stormwater channel to the east.


The desing aims at maximising the views onto the adjacent sport fields, thus celebrating the sense of place. Maximising the use of visual connection to the sports fields, and coseuently increasing natural light to the offices, forced the use of sunscreens to the north and west. These screens are expressed under a concrete "wrap" on piloti. The piloti creates a colonnade on the edge of the building which defines the approach to the buildings.

The development is acnhorred by the new Embassy of Germany. The design was a global collaboration with Jaeckle Architects in Berlin.

This embassy is the largest embassy for the Federal Republic of Germany in Africa and boasts the best of the best when compared to all other embassy's.

The project is the brain-child of Beyers from way back in 2004, a long term vision and dream for the upliftment of the urban realm.